lesley_maddox's Invincible Iron Man #3 - The Five Nightmares, Part 3: Pepper Potts at the End of the World review

Pretty Creepy

I’ve only read two Iron Man TPG’s. The first one I ever read was World’s Most Wanted which I have to admit, really bored me and was a disappointing start to what I thought would be an amazing comic. So The Five Nightmares was the second TPG I picked up and it was amazing. I was a little bit apprehensive about it to begin with after really disliking World’s Most Wanted (I do realise I read them out of order) but this one is seriously fantastic. The storyline is great and I think that if it wasn’t touching on some of the issues that have already been in the films, it could make an amazing movie. The villain is truly creepy and this comes across specifically in this issue when he immerged from the explosion (from the previous issue) unscathed apart from a few burns and losing all his hair. Ezekiel was kind of like this baby faced super genius and now with a few war scars, he starts actually looking as though he fits his role as a psychopath. The last page is particularly striking when Ezekiel strikes a boxing pose sporting his new war suit and the scars he received from the explosion beneath his bald head, creepily reminiscent of his fathers.


The battle between Iron Man and the Chinese War Machines is pretty funny especially when you find out they’re being remote control piloted. I also thought the background story on Obadiah Stane was done really well and was good because it didn’t disrupt the flow of the comic.

I really like the colouring done in these issues however I have a huge problem with how they portray Tony Stark. The artist looks as though he has modelled Stark’s face off Lost actor Josh Holloway. I would much prefer if they made something a bit more original or even if they used Robert Downey Jr. I also noticed in this TPG that, in some panels Pepper Potts resembles Nicole Kidman.

Highly recommend this 5 part story! 

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