batmanboy11's Invincible Iron Man #29 - Predators and Prey in Their Natural Environments review

Predators and Prey in Their Natural Environments


Fraction and Larroca have done it again, again. This book has been consistently good each month and this one does not disappoint. Fraction's dialogue is superb and although this issue may be a bit heavy on the story and a bit lacking on the action, it’s still a really enjoyable and fantastic issue. Larroca's art is still great, although there are a few panels with Pepper that look a bit odd, but he still does a fantastic job. This issue continues to set up for a great finale to the story-arc, but it has enough progression that it doesn't feel slow. In fact a lot happens this issue. I won't spoil anything, but the ball is rolling faster here. Overall it’s another great issue that any Iron Man fan should own and leaves me excited for the next issue. 


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