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More Revalations to Tony's New Plan 0

Summary: The Hammer Girls are get a new sale for their Detroit Steel Suit. Tony reveals a new story from his alcohol addiction days. We look back at a former Stark Industries employee to be a partner in Tony's new revolutionary plan.   The Good:   The Hammer girls has finally made a sale for their Detroit Steel suits but we see hints of their plan to take down Tony. To me the best part comes toward the end. We get a glimpse of the past of a former employee who created "slim phones" but was fired...

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This Story Stays Just As "Resilient" As The Last 0

  The Good The story that Tony tells where he talks about how he acted after winning Playboys Man of the Year award is funny, sad and telling all in a couple of pages of dialogue and art. As usual Fraction writes with a lot of dialogue that I really enjoy seeing for a change in a comic these days. The flashback scene showing how Tony fired an employee during a public demonstration is really enthralling and a touch funny. This scene also sets up the back story of Tony’s newest business move. The...

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Review: Invincible Iron Man #26 0

Tony Stark hires an ex-employee he wronged in the past while the Hammer girls with the Spymaster to sell his old tech to terrorists.  The Good I haven't read Iron Man in a long while, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a comic excelling in as many ways as this. Fraction and Larroca are at such peak-performance here that they really make it look effortless. The dialogue hooks you in from the first bubble and doesn't let up for the whole issue. Like all good storytelling...

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Another Fantastic Issue of Iron Man 0

Plot & Action: The Hammer Girls plot takes another few steps forward, Tony's new direction takes a few steps forward, and we get the idea of when these storylines will begin to interact with each other. Fraction's doing a good job at easing people into this new world for Tony Stark while building to an armored clash. It's a tad slow, but I enjoy this fleshing out of the new status quo. We also get something important in the Tony/Maria scene that should be tucked away in our mind for future p...

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Where is Pepper Potts?? 0

      Cover I loved the cover it might not be anything special and it might not have as much action as people would like but, the art was great for the cover. Story The story begins with a man whose father was a baker didn’t want to be a baker. He did not want to wake up that early. So he started his own business. He is telling this to someone in armor and the person in armor tells the man he has done bad things and that includes killing his college roommate because he was competition .The hamm...

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All Bow To The Great Matt Fraction 0

Invincible Iron Man is the best mainstream comic going at the moment. Hands down. Nothing, that I've read at least, can come close to how Matt Fraction has handled Tony Stark over the last couple of story arcs. The strength in the series is how far the creative team have gone to breaking down the Tony Stark we once knew and rebuilding him into an exciting character once again. Its been a painful ride to this point but I feel it's finally time to celebrate. Iron Man is back, and he's already ten ...

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Credentials 0

the first issue of this story arc started off with a 180 degree change in the direction of Tony's life with a new philosophy but also as of yet unseen new enemies.  This issue follows mostly the actions of Tony but also those that are meaning to destroy him.  There are a couple of plots going on with the Hammer women as they appear to be covering a lot of ground to get at Tony.  Meanwhile Tony deals with some more demons from his past as he talks with Director Hill and later appeals for the help...

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