timrothsays's Invincible Iron Man #22 - Stark: Disassembled, Part Three: Is it Safe? review


I have no adjectives to describe how great this comic is. Let's be honest and confine with one word - awesome. No, scratch that... Divine? A bit closer. Fractionalious? Yeeaaaaahh, a new praise-word for fractionalious comic! Write it and remember ^^
Norman sucked. Tony won. It's a short description  for the last twelve issues of The Invincible Iron-Man. Exaggerated, maybe, but it's the illogical truth & i really plunged into The World's Most Wanted arc (who didn't?). So, here we are - disassembled Tony Stark fighting for his life (almost Bob Dylan's "Hurricane"). The next question running in my head was "What happens next?". I mean, obliviosly Stark will survive & fly in his brand new Iron-Man armor again. The influence of Siege is felt all over the place. But how all of this will put together, how Fraction will write it - that's what interesting.
Now i get it - two ongoing series in one month are welter for Matt. Consider, Uncanny X-Men is a lame-comic. I love Dodson's art (just hating Land's) but... Anyway, you-read-that-book-and-understand-me. But this "machine" (i like to image comic-books as a complex, a very complicated machines), it works on the other rules. I just physically feel how the writer put a little bit of his soul into this story. And only for Doctor Strange's "Trust me, I'm a doctor" words you can forgive Fraction all the other crap he did in Marvel U.
It's 4.5 out of 5. Great story, great ending, great artwork, great script. And only one minus - I want more & immediately.

Posted by MichaeltheFly

 Fractionalious, well thats something new. I guess this whole story arc is fractionaliouns. The only problem with it is continuity, but nonetheless a good issue, a great story arc, and a even better review. 

Posted by timrothsays
@Michael the Fly:
 Larroca gets better and better with each issue
Posted by MichaeltheFly
@timrothsays: He always did draw good comic art. But this is a beautiful work of art.
Posted by crazed_h3ro

I always wanted to get this comic,and now I have my motivevation LOL thanks Tim

Posted by timrothsays
@crazed h3ro: 
Tim - the standard American name for the person whose name you do not know? xD
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Note to self - Fractionalious. This is an awesome review.

Posted by timrothsays
@Illyana Rasputin: tnx :)
Posted by Neena Thurman

I mod'ef agree. The art and script were definitely superb. I just recently jumped onto the Invincible bandwagon and I must say, this buildup of all things of the "old-ish" Avengers feel has given me goosebumps.
I also really did enjoy the fact that everyone was really surprised they didn't set Tony on fire and that Doc Strange's "alternative" forms of medicine were alternative to dying on the floor of a high school basement. 
And yes, totally Bob Dylan's "Hurricane". I love it. Brilliant review, Tim. :D

Posted by timrothsays
@Neena Thurman: 
Bob Dylan's fan, yay ^^
This involved some cunning plan, eh? xD

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    Minor SpoilersBasic rundown of this issue: Last issue they tried to bring back Tony because he is now a vegetable, but not like a carrot. This issue it slows things down a bit so that you can see Tony, scared. He's alone in his head/mind for a bit until he gets a visitor. Speaking of visitors the assassin comes in and is found out, quickly. So everything gets a bit more urgent in the best way possible for the reader. The characters? Not so much. This is the page I am talking about, awesome righ...

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