haloking343's Invincible Iron Man #14 - World's Most Wanted, Part 7 - The Shape of the World These Days review

Fantastic Action Story

This issue feels a lot like a high-paced action movie and throughout the entirety of this issue, we are right in the action. This is soooo good. The art is stunning. Salvador Larroca has a lot of cool machines to draw, which he does well. But the storytelling is where this book shines. I love Fraction's writing. It is so good. This is like a high-voltage action story in full swing. In some ways, it reminds me of Brubaker's stuff during the Death of Captain America story arc that lasted 18 issues. 
I remember something that Babs said on one of the video reviews that I saw a while back. I don't remember what issue of what comic she was reviewing, but I remember she said something like "it is interesting that when you really like a book, there isn't much to say about it." That is exactly what sort of situation I am in right now. All I can really think to say is that this book is fantastic. 
Before now, I wasn't totally feeling the "Worlds Most Wanted" arc, but this issue got my attention. It has action and it really feels like something out of a movie. This is a long saga and if the series continues to be this good, then it will soon be my favorite series. This comic was my favorite comic of the week. 
I wish I could say more, but I feel like I've praised it enough. I suppose I could talk about the bad things in this issue. Well, for one, the whole part with the Black Widow was really weird and I'm not sure why Maria Hill is acting so strange. That whole scene with the spider was really weird. Other than that though, I don't really have a problem with this issue. I think it's really good. 
Story - 9.5 out of 10 
Art - 9 out of 10

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