lord_quintus's Invincible Iron Man #10 - World's most Wanted, part 3: No Future review

The things that excite me in this issue(shouldn't)

The Best words in this issue (GIVE IT TO CAPTAIN AMERICA), they should have been followed by (and treat that character better than Bendis).  The issue introduced Pepper as a chick Iron Man, which is about as lame as it sounds.  She manages to greatly dissapoint me, which is sad, because I have loved a lot of what fraction does.  The best parts were the natural dialog between Maria and Stark, as well as the gripping montage of the rise of Hammer.  I think this arc will pick up steam here in a while, with appearnces by War Machine and Namor.  Also in the future I can only hope that Fraction get's to use Bucky Cap.  Things look Dark for the Iron Knight, I just hope it doesn't feel rushed in the end.  A strong note for my review is a reduced amount of goofiness in faces, Larroca (penciler) has been struggling with the art on this book for human faces, which is hard to get past, regardless of how good of an extrimes armor he draws.  So where Fraction slips on the story, Larroca has picked up with the art, let's see them both on a good note for the rest of this series.


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