wookiee_king's Invincible Iron Man #10 - World's most Wanted, part 3: No Future review

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Good issue. *Spoilers*

I thought this was a good issue. The cover didn't really fit, it should of been the cover #9 instead. Tony was even hooked up to that machine for basically the whole issue. But anyways, Tony is going down hill, so what is there left to do? Have sex with Maria Hill what else? lol Osborn issued a warrant for Tonys arrest and is taking out all Stark Industries buildings to destroy the weapons that Tony could  use to defeat Osborn.  After his fun with Maria, Tony leaves her a note to blow up the building, destroying all the Iron Man suits thats left.  Best part of the issue: Pepper finding a Iron "Woman" suit just for her. Next issue Iron Man vs Iron Patriot 

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Posted by Lord Quintus

This issue makes reference to Captain America as well.  Hopefully meaning we will get to see him in a  Fraction book.

Posted by Mutant God

Ha ha get it going down Hill

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