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 Time to inflict some pain.
The Inquisitor is an enhanced interrogation specialist that enjoys torture and inflicting pain upon others. The Inquisitor would work for a crime-lord in Madripoor named Roche. Roche would come into conflict with Wolverine and Tyger Tiger during gang warfare in Madripoor. The psychic vampire, Sapphire Styx and the assassin known as Razorfist would take down Logan and place him in the Inquisitor's dungeon. Logan would eventually escape and return to Tyger Tiger. Roche and his men capture one of their friends named O'Donnel and hold him captive. Tyger Tiger engages Sapphire Styx and the Inquisitor in the dungeon. The Inquisitor leaves with Sapphire Styx after Tyger Tiger burned her face with a hot, metal rod. Roche was killed and the Inquisitor would disappear for a number of years.  


The Inquisitor was created by Chris Claremont and John Buscema in 1988 and first appeared in Marvel Comics Present # 4.     

Story Arcs

  • Dark Reign

      Inquisitor's specialty: torture. 
The Inquisitor reappears in the home of Judge Jones and has him tied up, bloodied and beaten. The Inquisitor even tied up his puppies and muzzled their mouths with duct tape. The judge was suppose to hear a case the next day regarding a prison riot and rejected a petition to have the proceedings open to the public. The Inquisitor persuaded the judge to reverse his decision and threatened to kill him if he ever spoke of this incident. The Inquisitor breaks one of the judge's fingers and takes off with one of his puppies. Norman Osborn would recruit a number of D-list villains Emmy Doolin, the Inquisitor and Cutthroat to breakout the mutant, Moses Magnum during a court hearing at the Federal Courthouse. They free Magnum Moses and the Inquisitor is the getaway driver. Inquisitor and the rest of his crew are unaware that Osborn was using them in a scheme to make Daken look good in the eyes of the media. The villains are hiding out in some warehouse and begin to suspect that something is wrong when the Inquisitor's puppy starts barking and Daken conveniently appears out of the shadows. Cutthroat agrees to surrender but Daken slashes his face and a fight ensues. The Inquisitor tries to smash Daken in the head with his hammer but the Dark Avengers takes it away and uses it on Cutthroat's face. Daken is nearly killed by a seismic blast from Magnum and the weakened Daken is overpowered by Cutthroat and the Inquisitor. They leave Daken lying in a pool of blood and run away. Inquisitor and the rest of the gang realized that Osborn set them up and attempt to blackmail him with some video footage of him speaking to Doolin. Osborn agrees to help them if they allow Daken to publicly apprehend them on live television. Osborn tells Doolin that he would expedite them through the legal proceedings and turn them loose when no one's looking. The media films Daken as he enters the house where the villains are hiding in. The Inquisitor knows that Daken is coming so he opens up a window in the basement and lets the puppy free. Osborn detonates a trap bomb in that house and everyone inside is supposedly killed. Osborn would tell the media that the explosion was caused by Moses Magnum. However Daken survived and helped the villains escape from the housing project. Daken finds the villains in Chelsea and slaughters them himself. The Inquisitor was slashed to pieces during the bloodbath. 

Abilities & Paraphernalia

 This might burn a little!!
The Inquisitor uses various trades, tools and methods to extract information from his enemies. The Inquisitor specializes in torture and loves inflicting pain. He has used various tools and weapons like hammers, burning rods, knives, gasoline and whips on his unfortunate victims. 

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