Initiative abc's

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Initiative ABC'S

1. Armory


2. Butterball

Proving that it doesn't matter how fat you are. ...Wait he was just invulnerable and couldn't really attack because he's fat. Never mind, skinniness does matter.

3. Cloud 9

She used to be so cute and bubbly, then she got some dorky costume and is now sniping people from clouds.

4. Dragon-Lord

So he can make dragons....if he prepares a potion that takes some time. ...No wonder he's dead.

5. Eric O'Grady

Loser antman who hides from everything.

6. Flatman

Gay and flat. Nothing else you need to know.

7. Gorilla Girl

Is she black? Cuz if she's a black girl that turns into a monkey than the KKK members of comic vine are probably laughing their butts off.

8. Hardball

I could make the sexual joke but I he has hard balls.

9. Iceberg

Seems like a dumb version of rockslide.

10. Jennifer Kale

Bisexual witch who was almost sorcerer supreme. ...You're welcome.

11. Komodo

Really sad! She has no legs again. Why does Marvel do this to every character I like?

12. Living Lightning

Gay and apparently turns into lightning or something. ...Someone should set him up with flatman so that these two can actually appear in a recent comic

13. Mulholland

Wasn't she a lesbian? Set her up with Ms. Kale. Grimm the gay matchmaker at your service.

14. Non-Stop

Way too many speedsters.

15. Omega Flight

Hated the Initiative so much that they moved to Canada and formed a team. I miss them.

16. Patsy Walker

The entire team of Alaska. If something happens to Palin and she is somehow replaced with Tina Fey, nobody will blame you.

17. Quicksand

My least favorite sand person.

18. Reptil

He's a character for 5 min. and he gets a show? I have been waiting for a Runaways show for years.

19. Star Sign

She seems really interesting. GET HER OUT OF COMIC LIMBO!

20. Trauma

Boohoo I have daddy issues, let me go turn into a spider and cause Armory to kill someone.

21. Ultragirl


22. Veda


23. Whiz Kid

Who needs all of these speedsters?

24. X-Ray

No idea who he is.

25. Young Avengers

The majority of them have been members (if you count wiccan and hulkling's strange universe A counterparts)

26. Zach

You never know! He could've been in the Initiative.

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Only Stature joined the Initiative out of the Young Avengers and Omega Flight didn't hate the Initiative at all...Canada formed the team because tons of villains were crossing the border to avoid the SHRA and Tony even sent them US Agent to help them out

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I love the inclusion of zach in these list now.
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@danhimself: Yea I know it was a stretch to include those teams. But really there was nothing else I could think of with those letters.

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