Favorite Initative Character

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Who is your favorite out of those new heros in training? 
Mine has got to be Trauma or Hardball
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My favorites are Melee and Spinner

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Trauma or Komodo

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Trauma's sassy self

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It was Armory until the decommissioned her.Now it's Texas Twister.

#6 Posted by PrinceIMC (5505 posts) - - Show Bio

I miss Armory too. But yes I love Komodo most now.

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#9 Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

Trauma, with Butterball as second 


Avengers: The Initiative #28

Oh, and there was War Machine 

War Machine #12
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Defiantly Trauma.  More-so with the original artist

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 Thor Girl

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