Avengers Initiative #33 Review

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i didnt mind this issue, but damn i want more development in tigra's storyline

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@DH69: Yeah, it was like what did she really do besides jump out and growl. I really wanted more of the actual characters from this book. 
I also meant to add it was surprising that Norman wanted Diamonback to stick around.

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Yeah and I want Thor to wake up and beat the living snot out of Osborn and Sentry but probly won't happen
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God, I hope they don't kill Constrictor or Diamondback.

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is it TIE-gra or TEE-gra. 
i prefer TIE-gra too

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Good to knoe that other writers decide to use the story arc to write content that all follows thru with the main event itself, unlike Bendis titles where there all flashbacks and uses Avengers titles to tell filler material.

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@DH69: Tie-gra.
Like a Tiger.
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@Cafeterialoca said:
" @DH69: Tie-gra. Like a Tiger."

good to know.
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I always liked the conept of Task Master but the guy really really needs a new suit.
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@goldenkey said:
"I always liked the conept of Task Master but the guy really really needs a new suit. "

lol i know this is sad but ever since pirates of the carribbean he has reminded me of one of the undead pirates lol :p
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I would love to find who thought ti was a good idea to cover a third of a cover page with a banner, and smack him across the back of the head.

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i love the udon taskmaster look more then dat look its aged
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that stuff about "Taskmaster. The master of tasks" isn't funny anymore =\
will it be dual BN #7 review? :)

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Osborn probably wanted Diamondback around as a hedge against Captain America. "Don't punch me or I'll blast her head off" kind of thing.

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I don't know why I'm becoming more of a fan of The Master of Tasks, but I really am. I enjoyed getting his POV on all of this.

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Liked it quite a bit. Agree that the presentation of the Avengers resistance characters 
was lacking hard. Then again this book has alot to juggle and usually focuses on the 
front runner of the current plot, and still does pretty good at that.

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Good review

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Am I the only one who cant see the Vid? Its just a black screen for me.

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i enjoyed the issue i like how it shows how a group of nobodys deal with these life changing events its more character driven

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@Gambler said:
" Am I the only one who cant see the Vid? Its just a black screen for me. "

i can't because of my ad blocker.  bullshit if i'm gonna turn it off

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Hi everyone I’m Jorge Molina the current penciler for the Avenger initiative. I just wanted to let you know that I’m working on the final issue of the series, and its pack with great action and twists from the great Christos. So stay tune!







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