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The Magus is now in possession of a fully functioning Infinity Gauntlet. What chance do Adam Warlock and the Marvel heroes have now?

Magus now has the Infinity Gauntlet, but it is depowered. He knows that Galactus will have it reactivated soon.

Quasar is sent with the Ultimate Nullifier to take care of the Magus. He hesitates to use the device and Thanos plans to attack head on. Captain America does not like Thanos being in charge and tells him they are coming too.

The Living Tribunal will not reactive the gems without the consent of Eternity. He uses Gamora to bond her to Eternity, which displeases her greatly, but is able to revive Eternity. Doctor Doom and Kang have made their move on Magus. Doom defeats the Magus and turns on Kang, defeating him as well. Doom is moments away from receiving the gauntlet when Eternity reactivates the gems. Now Magus obtains the powered gauntlet and is more than a god. He becomes used to his power much faster than Warlock or Thanos were capable of.

Thanos sends the heroes to fight the revived doppelgangers, tricking them but saving their lives. He travels to meet the Magus head on when he is met by his own doppelganger, who plans to betray his master as soon as possible. They begin to battle one another.

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