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Magus's plan for domination hits a deadly new level. And when the heroes track down the cause of the mayhem, they come face to face with Thanos and Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Fight!

The gamma bomb has exploded, but Invisible Woman is able to contain it with a shield. Thunderstrike sends the fallout to outer space. Just then, the Magus appears through a portal with the doppelgangers of Thanos and Mr. Fantastic. They take their Iron Man double to safety. Shaman senses the portal was of sorcery.

Galactus is still headed through dimensions with Dr. Strange, Nova and the Silver Surfer. They are being followed by the scheming Kang and Doctor Doom. Thanos and the Infinity Watch have reached one of the energy sources. And they continue on it's trail.

Scarlet Witch has gathered some help for Earth's heroes to travel through dimensions mystically. They gather as many as they can send and leave the rest behind.

Galactus is approaching his destination faster than the Magus had anticipated and he destroys Galactus' ship. Doom and Kang are left off the trail and locate the nearest link to that dimension. They cloak when Thanos and the Infinity Watch arrive. It is here that Thanos prepares Adam Warlock for what he must do and that only he can do it, so he must.

Just then they are met by Earth's heroes, who believe Thanos to be the cause of the events. This is all part of Magus' grand plan and he unleashes his doppelgangers on the heroes remaining on Earth.

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