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The Earth's mightiest heroes assemble to take on the mad god Thanos. But can Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and others defeat someone who now controls reality itself?

Earth's heroes have gathered and it is nearly time to begin their attack on Thanos. Doom tries to say that he should lead them but they refuse. Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock take off to another location to start the plan.

They meet with Quasar and Epoch who have gathered some of the most powerful entities in the universe. Living Tribunal states that he will no cosmic crime is being committed and he will not aide them. Galactus objects to being lead by a mortal but finally agrees to go along with the plan. The Watcher also lets it be known that he will not participate.

Adam Warlock and the Surfer return to lead the attack. Warlock takes Wolverine and Hulk to the side and reminds them that they are important because the goal is to kill Thanos, and they will not hold back on him.

Thanos can still not get Death to fall in love with him so to spite her he creates the object of his affection, Terraxia. He claims she will be the perfect match for him and he no longer needs Death, who leaves when this happens.

Doctor Strange casts a spell allowing everyone to breathe in space and uses the Eye of Agamatto to transport them to Thanos. Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock have plans of their own. He explains that most of them will not survive and they are mearly a diversion.

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