reuelthomas's The Infinity Gauntlet #1 - God review

A snap of the fingers

The opening to the core Infinity Gauntlet limited series is somewhat of an exposition heavy story, however it is handled quite expertly by Jim Starlin's script and George Perez's masterful pencils. Silver Surfer crash lands into the abode of Dr. Strange and fills us in on some of the back story: Thanos has gotten the Infinity Gauntlet and now has the power of a god. Thanos is spending his time trying to smooth things over with Death. Some of the best dialogue is between Thanos, Mephisto, and Death's voice as Thanos continually tries to impress Death, alas, to no avail.

George Perez has a great style that lends itself well to epic series like this and Crisis. In this book I was very impressed with both his page layout and his panel direction. One scene that stuck with me was the snap of the fingers that led to half of the universes population disappearing.

As a beginning to an epic story, this was a very well done first issue. Plenty of mystery is included, yet enough stuff happens that you don't feel like the book was just a setup for something greater. I ended this issue anticipating the next issue and what was still to come.


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