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The conclusion is here! One by one, stars in the Milky Way galaxy have begun to explode. Can the heroes save the universe? What role will Thanos come to play in the final act?

The Goddess has achieved her goal. The rapture has begun and every star in the universe explodes, killing all life. This is experienced by all as a flash in the sky followed by intense heat and flames, disintegrating all. But this is merely an elaborate illusion created by Adam Warlock. He had been lurking in the Goddess' subconscious and used the power of the Cosmic Egg to wish the illusion, thus stopping her from actually doing so.

The Holy Guard has witnessed this event and are now aware of their Goddess' true intent, they no longer serve her. Goddess no longer has the ability to carry out her plan but thinks she still has great power in the Egg and can continue her plan in stages.

She is then attacked by Warlock and Thanos. Since Warlock is in his spiritual form she is forced to leave her own body to battle him. Thanos and Professor X join in the battle on the spiritual plane. Goddess is outmatched and attempts to return to the Cosmic Egg for protection. But Warlock has beaten her to it, bonding himself within the Cosmic Egg. As part of the plan, Thanos uses the Soul Gem to attack.

Thanos remains with the Cosmic Egg. Warlock returns, believing that Thanos means to take the power for himself. But Thanos' word is good and he has already set the Egg to break down to the molecular level and explode, taking the planet Paradise Omega with it. He has already arranged transportation and all of Earth's heroes are returned to Earth and he and Warlock are brought to Thanos' ship.

Back on Earth, the heroes blame Warlock and the Infinity Watch for all that has transpired. But Warlock is through fighting and teleports the team back to Monster Island. All those across the universe under Goddess' control remember nothing, while the heroes remember all. Most feel used and guilty.

Goddess has been trapped inside Soul World. She comes across her evil counterpart, the Magus. She attacks him, but even they cannot touch one another. They are both merely ghosts, unable to interact.

Mephisto comes to Thanos for his reward for the information about the Cosmic Cubes. Thanos gives him his cube, but informs him that it has no power and Mephisto should have specified that. Mephisto is very angry and Thanos reminds him that even devils should beware a bargain with Thanos of Titan.

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