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Adam Warlock must search for answers within while he does battle with his greatest enemy...himself!

Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man and Vision travel to the Moon to peak with the Watcher in order to better understand their situation. The Watcher will not tell them that he wishes the Goddess to be stopped, but this is truly what he would like to happen. He transports them back to Avengers Mansion.

Goddess has successfully brainwashed the universe into believing her views. All wars and violence stop across the universe. It is still debated among the remaining heroes if she should be stopped, the main opponent of attack being Professor X. He contacts Moondragon telepathically. She rejects the Earth's heroes offers for peace and attacks Professor X mentally, leaving him possibly brain damaged. The heroes no longer disagree over their course of action.

Meanwhile, Warlock has sought out Thanos, for they are the ones who are best suited to stop the Goddess. They are then met by Mephisto, who claims that it is in his best interests to assist them and that he knows certain secrets to the Cosmic Cubes. The only thing he wants in return for his help is one of the cubes.

Witnessing all these events causes the Goddess to turn from defense to offense. She begins to plan her attack. When the Silver Surfer hears the orders to defeat his friends he refuses and thus breaks her control over him. He is immediately attacked by his companion, Firelord.

Earth's heroes begin their travel to the Goddess for an assault. With his new found knowledge of the Cosmic Cubes, Pip makes his move. He teleports to the Goddess, and once in contact with the Cosmic Egg he turnes her into salt. He plans to become King of the Universe.

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