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The Goddess has half of the Marvel Universe on her side, but if she doesn't get her way, she's ready to destroy all of it!

Adam Warlock senses something wrong with the cosmos. He uses the Eternal Orb to contact Eternity. Eternity tells him that he has sensed it as well, but it is of no concern to him. He leaves the void and is soon met by the Goddess. At first he does not realize who she is and she attacks him.

She shows a symbol to all the religious and faithful heroes of Earth to bring them hope. For the past time she has been gathering cosmic cubes from myriad dimensions. She has collected 10 and begins to use their immense power. She transfers a sense of enlightment to the residents of Earth and brings to contact those faithful of her choosing.

She tells them all that she is for good for all beings to live in peace and harmony, in a world with no sorrow and pain. She can be for the collective good of humanity if they will all serve her. Manipulating them proved easy and every single person she contacted agrees to join her cause. She opens a trans-dimensional portal to bring them all to her.

The disappearances cause much confusion with the heroes on Earth. All the teams get together and compile a list of those missing and realize the connection.

The Goddess uses her power to create a new planet which she calls Paradise Omega. She brings the heroes to her and creates a massive cathedral.

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