thanosrules's The Infernal Man-Thing #3 review

A Mind-Blowing Final Issue!

Recommendation: Yes!

A Mind-Blowing Final Issue of the 3-part posthumous publication honoring Steve Gerber’s Man-Thing Legacy!

I knew this issue was going to be interesting. The whole mini-series has been interesting. You do have to be in a very specific state of mind to read and consume the work though… it is not something you can read distracted.

It is madness. It portrays madness. It is madness.

I feel that it does so quite eloquently. How else would you portray such a thing?

The Art - lets see… it is fantastic for the work. It fits the madness. The scenes portraying the rear view mirror - frightening. The covers have been quite awesome for this mini-series as well - this one is no exception.

Back to the story - well, it is very hard to explain. You need to read the first two issues in this series to even attempt to grasp what is in this book. In fact, I am likely going to go back and re-read the series in entirety, as I felt lost at times. It is one of those books that makes you feel inferior to the work. Or… maybe more like when you were in school, didn’t read the assignment, and were asked to speak about it in class… Yeah. So much going on, so much detail.

In fact, okay, I highly recommend reading #1 and #2 again, immediately BEFORE reading this one… the release cadence for these issues did not work well with the flow of the story.

So, without spoiling the ending, or any aspect of the story, I submit to you (much like a Twilight Zone episode): The Infernal Man-Thing - a tale of madness, monsters and sacrifice.

Grab all three issues, clear your mind, and go a little bit crazy.


AND if that wasn’t enough, you get a bonus, just like you have in each issue of this mini-series - “From the Pages of Savage Tales #1 (1971)…”

This is an AWESOME black and white story about the origin of Man-Thing, the tormented soul of a man trapped in a monsters body. Best not to fear him, or you will burn at his touch!

I LOVED this insert. Perfect addition to the book.

Also, as advertised on the last page…

The MAN-THING OMNIBUS! (coming this October 2012!)


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