theacidskull's Incredible Hulk: Crossroads #1 - TPB review

You Little Monster!

When i look back at the the old comics and compare the to some of the current ones, it seriously makes me angry that comics have gone down drain, sure there are a few good ones left but back them your money was worth it, each page is filled with amazing dialog and the pages are simply amazing! take for example the current age of Ultron, it's horrible, just simply put, horrible. why? because it's just pretty pages with one or tow words in it, and it's hardly worth anything.

Bill Mantlo seriously blew my mind. First things first, the story stays fresh, though the idea seems to repeat itself, it still feels in many ways unique. hulk is stuck in the crossroads, but that means he can visit many worlds while he is there. And again this does seem the kind of thing that would get boring, but the stories are slow, detailed, and interesting. hulk visits many worlds, and the description of his animistic instincts is simply amazing. The worlds hulk visits feel different and interesting, so each time hulk enters a portal a new adventure beings.

One of the many things i like about this book is the fact that hulk, even though mindless, is still not a monster, he is however more cruel and savage. This yet again proves that the jade giant is a hero, and would risk anything for a friend, the hulk symbolizes compassion and sympathy, which of course is the core of his character. And speaking of "friends" , i was something happen in this comic that really surprised me. For one thing, many side characters die, and the writing is so good that you still get emotionally invested, which is a pretty hard thing to do, these days people don't even care when normal characters die( charles Xavier, seriously, i hate no feelings towards it whatsoever). it Yet again undermines how good of a writer bill mantlo truly is.

And now for the biggest treat. Bill managed to do something many writers fail to do these days, he made a successful retcon. Why was it well done? because it was gradually, and it made sense, it didn't clash with hulks character, it in fact enhanced it, which is what retcons should be all about. THIS was where the idea of hulk being banners pain and rage incarnate first began! and the execution was awesome. Hulk is visited by three metal constructs, and at first one might wonder, what do they have to do with the hulk? and then it all makes sense! Goblin, is the Hulks rage and pain, Guardian is a constant fighter who never gives up, and Glow represents hope and hulks rational side! all these 3 beings have appeared when bruce banner was a kid! and his pain and rage then later became The Incredible hulk!

The art by Sal was in my opinion awesome. his role with bill mantlo has been essential to hulks character, and the more savage and bestial look shows hulks rage right in his face and form of stance! you can feel the raw emotions when you look at it! and that my friends is how an artist tells a story.

This is in My opinion is one of the best works done fore the hulk, and i would seriously re-read this many times.( i plan on doing that)

Recommendation: For Hulk Fans? it's a must read, and it's also great for others as well!

Posted by z1co80

I am just reading through this just now.

It's brilliant.

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