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The Hulk and Qnax travel to a Watcher world to seek out knowledge about each of their problems. Along the way they meet a planet of blob aliens(they most resemble human sized Spaghetti-Os), they inform Bruce and Qnax that the Watcher's presence nearby is causing their planet to hallucinate. Bruce and Qnax says they are going to visit the Watcher and tell the bloblings that they'll ask the Watcher to move.

Hulk and Qnax get into a rocket designed by the bloblings and head towards watcher world. Along the way they hallucinate as well, they see the Kree/Skrull War, Galactus, and the Silver Age Avengers before Bruce realizes it's a hallucination and he and Qnax snap out of it. They crash land on the Watcher World and eventually make it to the Watcher to discuss their problems. The Watcher there reveals that he has recently lost someone precious, making Bruce think about Betty. He reveals a machine that can give them their answers but before they can use it the Bloblings begin attacking the Watcher World.

While Hulk is venturing to Watcher World, Gen. Ross is on Earth. He has the Abomination surrounded with tanks and has gone in on foot to finish him off himself with a couple of pistols. They battle each other a little but talk moreso, and the Abomination reveals to Ross that it was he who killed his daughter, Betty.

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