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Much to the consternation of his teammates, Wolverine has brought the unconscious Hulk to Xavier's mansion for medical aid, after the Hulk's mysterious collapse in the Savage Land. The X-Men bind him within diagnostic equipment, but he comes to and goes on a rampage, attacking the mutants.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Betty Banner receives some shocking news from her unwelcome visitor, Henry Peter Gyrich. And in Orlando, Rick Jones finds his future granddaughter, Janis, after she's had a run-in with a pair of police officers, who now lie unconscious on the sidewalk.

Back at the X-Mansion, the Hulk overwhelms the mutants and breaks out, making his way into the nearby woods. He nearly gives in to drowsiness, then realizes where he is and breaks out through the 'sky'.

Forge arrives to help, and Cable and Storm explain they lured the Hulk into the Danger Room, programmed to replicate the outdoors, then flooded the room with sleeping gas. Just then, the Hulk bursts up through the floor. Forge aims the weapon he's brought with him at the Hulk, who recognizes it as the one used by the Maestro. Forge fires it, and the Hulk vanishes.

Elsewhere, Betty goes to the location given to her by Gyrich, where she finds her father, General "Thunderbolt" Ross, previously presumed dead. Simultaneously, Hulk finds he has been teleported to the lair of his new host, Apocalypse, who is about to propose a deal to the Hulk.

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