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The being now in control of the Hulk's body escapes Dr. Strange's home, Dr. Strange and Namor then plot to send the creature back to the Strange universe. Namor goes to physically capture the Dark Hulk, while Dr. Strange works mystically for a solution to their current problem. The Dark Hulk then goes underground to wait for nightfall to unleash his new bodies peak strength, while in the mind scape Banner uses his mental powers to,however he is quickly overwhelmed and imprisoned in a cage as the Dark Hulk devotes his full concentration to a problem in the real world, namely Namor. There battle quickly shifts to a playground where several children and parents are injured and drawing Namor's full wrath onto the Dark Hulk, however he forces Namor to act to save several bystanders from being crushed. However Dr. Strange then arrives to assist in the battle wrapping him in the crimson bands of Cytorak, while inside the mind Banner manages to escape his prison. While elsewhere a roadblock is set up to stop the speeding car that ran over Doc Sampson, but it proves unable to stop the super speeding vehicle. Back in the park the monster manages to break the bands forcing Dr. Strange to use illusions as a stalling tactic, however he's forced into his mind to stop Banner giving Namor a change to rehydrate. Dr. Strange then implants a suggestion in the beasts mind to find them as the two retreat to the sanctum, while Banner and the Dark Hulk continue to battle for control with Banner opening a mental door as Strange banishes the monster. Hulk and Banner then works to close the opened door before the occupant inside can escape. Strange then tells Bruce where Betty is and informs him of the miscarriage. Once Bruce finally reaches Connecticut he is shocked to discover Betty has entered a convent.

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