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Banner returns to his Vegas home to find multiple soldiers and Doc Sampson eagerly waiting for his return, forcing him to knock out a soldier and sneak aboard a moving train. Once aboard however he meets a mysterious man in the darkness who knows his true identity as Bruce Banner,with Banner believing the man to be the Hulk himself. However as he tries to escape he is stabbed in the leg by his fellow traveler and attempts to fight back in vain. The mysterious traveler then reveals himself to be the villainous Mr. Hyde,however once the train enters into a tunnel Banner transforms into the Hulk. This forces Hyde to destroy the roof allowing sun to flood the room and causing Hulk discomfort as he leaps to the roof, with Hulk pulling him through and the two beginning a brawl in the car.Hulk then throws Hyde from the train who grabs the caboose as he falls forcing the Hulk to catch and save it, and after Hyde falls he manages to pull the car back up, but falls to the river below. He then finds Mr. Hyde's cape as he begins traveling to Connecticut on foot.

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