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A furious Mr. Fixit confronts Michael Berengetti about his firing,but is forced to end his physical intimidation when he reveals he knows he is truly the Hulk.He then attempts to convince Berengetti that he isn't always battling super powered foes, but is interrupted by Glorian,who he leaps after to battle.He then attempts to reason with the Hulk to repent and save his own soul,but the Hulk refuses to aid him forcing Glorian to use his reality warping powers to summon copies of Abomination, The Thing, Thor and Wolverine to battle him.However this is ended when Mr. Cloot appears and drags Glorian away to the Grand Canyon. He then begins dragging Glorian down into Hell until the arrival of the Hulk to watch Glorian's fate,he is then shown a preview of Hell as Mr. Cloot expresses his attention to one day possesses the Hulk's soul.He then saves Glorian and tosses Cloot into the pit,however he assumes a gigantic devil form and reveals himself to be Satannish. Hulk then agrees to play for his and Glorian's souls and for the removal of the Maggia from Las Vegas, by rolling a pair of dice which Hulk wins by shaking the ground causing Satannish to go back on his word and attempt to take Glorian.However this attempt is stopped by the intervention of the Shaper of Worlds, who saves Glorian,sends away Satannish and leaves the Hulk an ominous warning of things to come.

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