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It's the Hulk versus The Thing versus...another Hulk? There's only one man who can be behind this: Doctor Doom!

Continuing from Fantastic Four #320

The Thing confronted by the seemingly alive Savage Hulk, The Thing eager to avenge his previous losses quickly attacks and is sent flying by a huge punch.The two then begin a battle through the streets, as Doctor Doom leads away the defeated and exhausted Mr. Fixit who adamantly claims if he was at his peak he would have defeated Grimm. He then is explained that the Hulk fighting the Thing is a robot, that Doom had repaired following it's defeat at the hands of the Eternals several years beforehand. Doom then tells the Hulk his involvement was a mistake and for him to return to Vegas angering him to renew his battle, as Thing manages to rip the circuits from the Hulk Robot's chest. Hulk then lures him into Central Park and begins utilizing hit and run tactics on the much slower Thing and forcing him to chase him constantly for an hour exhausting him.He then tricks him into running and sinking into a lake, and arriving behind him forces the air from his lungs so he begins drowning but allows him to reach the shore. He then lets the Thing hear his voice,with the Thing quickly recognizing it before being knocked out.He then is met by Doom and says he may assist him eventually in reclaiming Latveria, before beginning his leap back to Vegas but not before stopping at the former site of the Avenger's Mansion.He then is met by Beast who recognizes his scent, and manages to appeal to the Hulk to assist the team in their crisis in exchange for immunity.

Continues in The Avengers Annual #17

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