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Mr. Fixit and Spider-Man are having what you might call a communication breakdown. But then again, communicating was never one of Mr. Fixit's strong suits...

Continued from Web of Spider-man #44

As Spider-Man has learned that the Hulk is really Mr. Fixit, he tries to stop the mercenaries form killing one another. Mr. Fixit still angry over the injury Marlo suffered at the hands of Charlie, attempts to prevent him from stopping there battle to the death. This leads to a battle between the two, with Spider-Man utilizing his superior hit and run tactics. The mercenaries begin battling through Las Vegas, before being interrupted by a scream from Charlie. A furious Spider-Man then breaks off his battle to find the mercenary responsible, while Mr. Fixit shows how content he is by her death further angering Spider-Man. Spider-Man then tracks down and begins battling Alpha, as Mr. Fixit returns to Charlie she awakens, noticing there had been no blood he forces her to tell him what's going on. While back on the roof Alpha blasts a sign , forcing Spider-Man to stop it from crushing the people below while Alpha takes aim. However he's saved by Mr. Fixit who rips off Alpha's arms, and drags the sign back onto the roof following Spider-Man forcing him not to tell anyone he had been seen. He then reveals the game was over an amulet, before leaving and telling Spider-Man his heroic actions are useless,he then returns to his penthouse and is met by yet another visitor Doctor Doom.

Continued in Fantastic Four #320 - The Shadow of Doom!

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