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Part One – Enter the Toad Men

The Hulk, now green in color, is seen staggering out of a swamp by a local police officer who races off to alert the town that the monster still exists. The Hulk responds to the local’s attempts to subdue him with violence but is eventually coaxed off the battlefield by Rick Jones.

Meanwhile, the Earth is about to get several strange new visitors. Armed with advanced magnetic technology beyond human understanding and resembling amphibians, these aliens are known as toad men. Using a 'magnetic grappler' they are able to lock on to Dr. Banner’s vast scientific mind and land nearby to capture him. They hope by capturing the smartest man on the planet, they can force him to reveal how far the planet has come technologically.

When the toad men arrive on Earth, Bruce and Rick are setting off from Gamma Base to conduct some scientific research. In truth, Bruce is leading Rick to an underground cave that extends below a lake bed. Within the stony walls he has built an isolation chamber in which to trap the Hulk each night before the transformation occurs. Their process is interrupted when they are captured by the toad men from outer space!

Part Two – Prisoners of the Toad Men!

Trapped by the toad men's magnetic ray guns, Bruce and Rick are transported to the toad men’s spaceship and rocketed out of Earth’s atmosphere. Captain Torrak of the toad men explains that Bruce and Rick are his prisoners and that Earth is surrounded by their invincible fleet. He demands to know what technological advances the Earth has developed or he'll use their magnetic powers to knock cities free of the planet’s crust, empty the world’s oceans of life, or root everyone to the ground preventing them from moving.

The toad men realize that Rick is of no value and transport him safely back to Earth. But, when the ship moves to the dark side of the Earth, the transformation begins - Banner once again becomes the brutish Hulk. The Hulk breaks free of his confinement, steals one of the toad men's magnetic ray guns and blasts them with their own weapon. Hulk realizes that with the toad men’s weaponry, he could wipe out all of mankind once and for all.

Just then, the U.S. Anti-Missile Base below detects the ship in the night sky and fires on it. The UFO crashes to the ground and General Ross and his men surround it.

Part Three – Bruce Banner, Wanted for Treason

As the military officers move in to investigate the crashed ship, a bedraggled Bruce Banner stumbles free and the surviving toad men escape, unseen, via a tunnel they blast under their ship. Bruce Banner is taken into custody. Once in the clear, the toad men on the surface send a flare into the sky to signal their armada to attack. The sky is soon packed with the ships of the terrible toad men from outer space.

Part Four – Hulk Runs Amok

The toad king contacts warns humanity that his forces are preparing to shift the moon toward Earth using their magnetic powers. This will eventually lead to the destruction of Earth, unless mankind surrenders. Meanwhile, the night falls and Bruce Banner once again turns into the brutish Hulk. The Hulk escapes his captivity and destroys whatever tries to stop him. The Hulk searches for General Ross who imprisoned him (as Banner), but instead comes upon Betty alone in the Ross house. Betty screams, and the army busts in to rescue Betty when...

Part Five – The End of the Hulk

The Hulk escapes capture by the military and takes Betty as a hostage. Rick figures that the Hulk must have taken Betty back to Banner’s Lab. The Hulk explains to Betty that he hates humanity for what they have done to him. Rick confronts the Hulk, but before the Hulk can silence Rick forever, a tremor from the toad men’s magnetic weapons shakes the lab knocking all three unconscious.

As the sun rises, it is Banner that awakes first. Running to the storage site of the gamma ray gun, Bruce is able to activate it and strike at the toad men’s ships. This blast of energy causes them to lost control of their movement and hurtle out of control, into the void forever. Banner is regarded as a hero but General Ross cannot shake the feeling that somehow Bruce Banner is somehow connected to the Hulk.

The Hulk is seen trapped in Banner’s isolation prison at the end of the story.

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