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Special Bonus Story
In the noonday desert, the heat becomes a throbbing, almost tangible presence. To the lost way-farer, bereft of cadillac and road-map, it can become as well a scaled-down, sun-scorched hell. But this is the Hulk. Mightiest Man-like creature upon a planet's pock-marked face. he was born amid this inferno. Midwifed by a blinding, searing fireball that shook a blazing fist at the very sun itself. And to such as he, this sand-swept wilderness ist the nearest thing he has evern known to home.

While wandering the desert, Hulk sees something that doesn't belong. He sees a town. Ordered gardens and well-kept streets. Church-spire presiding benevolently over wood-frame bungalows, brick and stone. This is all a mirage, but the Hulk does not know.

Thirsty, Hulk goes into the town. The senses of the hulk are not normal. For, this is a creature who can scarecly distinguish friend from foes. Yet who can somehow see the astral body of Dr. Strange, which mortal man cannot. It is possible that when he sees a shining image, cast by a reality hundreds of miles away, he really sees it.

In the town, everybody acts the same, just like Hulk wasn't there. This is the way Hulk always wanted it to be, the way Hulk dreamed it would be, but dreams don't come true, do they?

When the Hulk turns and gazes into the eyes like limpid pools, amid meadows of soft gold, he sees a girl. Just sitting there. Looking at Hulk. Smiling at him. But she doesn't talk. If she says something to Hulk, he would be happy at last. He would stay there forever.

Because the thought ofttimes is father to the deed. Because a voice deep within the mind may be as real as any other, the girl does speak, in tones like softly ringing bells. They have a conversation.

Then, in a faraway city, a sombre thought comes to rest upon a young girl's mind, a passing memory of her affliction, perhaps, no more. Still, it is enough to avert the blue eyes, erase the smile.

The town fades away and Hulk is alone again. The Hulk raises back his triphammer arms, and lashes out. Then once more the desert is silent beneath the climbing moon, save for breath of wind, and track of reptile.

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