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And In This Corner... The Avengers!

The Hulk is lost in Subterranea after battling Mole Man and Tyrannus (issue #127). As he looks for a way out, he causes massive earthquakes that are endangering cities on the surface. General Ross enlists the help of The Avengers to try and trap Hulk with the Gammatron device but is disappointed when he sees the team doesn't include Captain America, Thor or Iron Man. Nonetheless the Avengers and Ross device a plan to lure Hulk into the Gammatron. On reaching Hulk’s location, Vision phases underground and taunts Hulk into chasing him to the surface where the other Avengers try to place him in the trap. However Hulk proves too powerful for this clearly weaker team of Avengers and manages to hold them off on his own until he is tricked into walking between the rays of the Gammatron. While the Jade Giant is struggling, Scarlet Witch makes the mistake of mentioning Bruce Banner which enrages Hulk and he destroys his trap and escapes.

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