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Tyrannus sends his ultimate warrior Mogol to befriend The Hulk and recruit him for his army. However Hulk remembers Tyrannus tried to hurt him in the past and attacks Mogul. A titanic battle begins that destroys numerous cars and properties, with The Hulk having yet another building dropped on him! The two behemoths end up underground and find their strength to be equal. Mogol senses Hulk’s loneliness reflects his own and extends a hand of friendship. A cautious Hulk finally accepts and the two are teleported to Tyrannus’ subterranean city where they help build his army for an attack on Mole Man.

During the invasion of Mole Man’s city, Mogol is shot by a heat ray and is revealed to be a robot. Mogol himself was unaware of this as Tyrannus had programmed him to feel emotions and told him he was a living creature. However an enraged Hulk doesn’t believe his friend and feels betrayed and tricked. In his anger, the Jade Giant tears Mogol in half and crushes his CPU. Mogol refuses to retaliate and to his last seconds protests his innocence, pleading with Hulk he really was his friend. After destroying the robot, Hulk leaps back to Tyrannus’ city and in revenge leaves it in complete ruins. With his vengeance complete, the confused monster walks away wondering if he really did kill his only friend.

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