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No More the Monster!

Within the Baxter Building, an unconscious Hulk is strapped to a machine while the Fantastic Four argue about going ahead with a process to permanently turn him back to Bruce Banner. Thing and Invisible Woman protest that the process is untested and could destroy Banner forever. But Mr. Fantastic says it was Banner’s own formula and he would want this so goes ahead with the procedure. Within moments The Hulk’s body changes into mist and disappears. The rest of the FF think they’ve murdered Hulk but Reed Richards is confident the process is working. Sure enough the mist reappears and takes the form of Bruce Banner. Reed wants to run more tests but Banner refuses saying he’s finally free and wants to leave. He then explains the formula didn’t get rid of Hulk, but actually allows Banner to control him. He displays this by turning into the Hulk at will, destroying the new clothes he had just put on! Thing sympathises with Banner and convinces the others to allow him to leave.

Once outside, Bruce phones Betty Ross and tells her that he can finally control the Hulk. Betty is ecstatic and the couple meet shortly to begin their long overdue romance. Days pass and Bruce enjoys finally living a normal life, while all the while continuing to have nightmares about The Hulk. Meanwhile General Ross shows Major Talbot the army’s new weapon of mass destruction named TOM (Tripodal Observation Module). The General says they need to transfer TOM to another base for testing but it is so powerful that enemies will attack anything but The Hulk to possess it. The conversation is spied on by The Leader who decides he must acquire TOM for himself.

Later at Bruce and Betty’s apartment, a message is delivered for Bruce to meet Thunderbolt Ross. Once they arrive at the base, Ross explains his plan to Bruce who agrees to accompany TOM, saying he’ll only turn into Hulk if needed. The truck begins its journey and once it’s far away from the army base, The Leader strikes by using a giant magnetic disc underneath his jet to dislodge TOM from the vehicle. This causes the truck to loose control and drive off a hill but Banner manages to grab the driver and jump out, changing to Hulk in mid-air. The Leader, now controlling TOM, attacks Hulk. However the combination of Banner’s mind and Hulk’s brawn makes short work of The Leader and destroys TOM in the process. An enraged Hulk almost kills his enemy but Banner regains control and the terrified villain runs for his life. Hulk transforms to Banner and swears never to turn back again lest he lose control once more!

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