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Monster Triumphant!

Continuing from last issue, The Hulk is trapped in a pit of quicksand within The Mandarin’s castle. As the Green Goliath sinks, he finds the wall of the pit and to The Mandarin’s astonishment punches his way out. The triumph is short lived however as Mandarin drops a giant glass cage over our protagonist and fills it with fast acting nerve gas. The Hulk collapses and the Oriental Overlord fits a mind control device to the back of his neck. The Mandarin plans to use Hulk to attack all the nations on Earth who will blame each other and retaliate, thus causing a nuclear holocaust. The evil Chinaman believes he will be safe in his castle fortress and gain control of a devastated planet by enslaving humanity. When Hulk awakes, he is dispatched to destroy a Chinese railroad terminal by his new master. Meanwhile S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury is a guest at the base of Soviet Colonel Yuri Brevlov, where the attack is picked up by satellite. Fearing the consequences of an attack on China, Brevlov and his old war buddy Fury leave in a rocket to deal with the matter. However the Chinese government have already decided to retaliate and Chairman Mao has sent a military force to deal with the “Western” attack. Having accomplished his goal, Mandarin then sends Hulk to attack a power station where he is met by Chinese military troops. The Hulk reacts the only way he knows how and decimates the Red army, even lifting two tanks over his head and smashing them together to show his might!

Elsewhere in the rocket carrying Brevlov and Fury, a coded message is received from Tony Stark revealing The Mandarin is responsible for the attacks. As The Mandarin watches his green skinned slave’s destruction from his castle, the two Colonels break in and attack the super villain. Brevlov strikes first and kicks the mind controller out of Mandarin’s hand. The damage to this in turn causes the device on Hulk’s neck to fall off and release him from The Mandarin’s grip. His thoughts now cleared, the Jade Giant remembers who his enemy is and heads back to finish off his foe. Meantime Brevlov and Fury continue their battle with the evil doer when the not so jolly green giant returns. The Mandarin manages to escape as Hulk rampages through the castle and Fury and Brevlov also make their exit. The Hulk decides the castle is crumbling too slowly so goes outside and lifts a corner of the castle off the ground and topples it over. The Mandarin’s fortress lies completely destroyed as The Hulk walks away, vowing to find piece for himself or die trying.

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