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By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Well we've discussed the origins of both the Avengers residential geniuses so why don't we take a look at their Not So Jolly Green Giant the ever smashing HULK. So we have another creation here by none other than the legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby a character who probably has the world's worst case of roid rage cause whenever he goes hulk he smashes the living shit out of anything in sight. Now out of all the characters in comics I've seen the hulk is probably the most dynamic one he's been both hero and villain as well as everything in between now this can make for an interesting character for most established readers of comics but for rookies to the comic world it can be a confusing start up not knowing where a character stands. I myself personally I've never been the biggest fan of the hulk not cause he's a bad character but I'm not the biggest fan of characters that can't make up their minds I like him only when he guest stars in comics because he usually makes the stories much more interesting cause honestly you just don't know what he could do one moment he could be helping the hero the next he could be putting him through a wall. So without any further delay I give you The Incredible Hulk #1.
      Our story starts out with Bruce Banner preparing to test his gamma bomb while a scientist named Igor Drenkov....wait a minute I think this guy is in the wrong story Mary Shelly's Frankenstien is down the hall to your as I was saying Igor pesters Bruce on what the secret of the gamma rays to which he tells him only he can know of and that the secrets are safely loked I might just be nit picking here but why at the height of the Cold War would the U.S. Army hire a Russian scientist to help in a secret military experiment? I mean aren't they worried about sabotage and the secrets being revealed to the commies? I guess logic was something they lacked back then. Now back to the story so Banner prepares to test the Gamma bomb but see's a teenager has entered the launch okay honestly did they just hire Paul Blart the mall cop to guard this place or what? So Bruce goes out to save the kid's life after telling Igor to hold the launch of the bomb but because a we all probably guess Igor doesn't because he's a spy and wants the Gamma Ray's Secrets for himself and the bomb goes off luckily Bruce is able to save the teenager but unlucky for him he gets blasted with Gamma Rays and I'm really not kidding here is in a continuous state of screaming for hours on end after the explosion then suddenly snaps out of it and has almost no idea of what has transpired. So while he and the teenage who as we all know is Rick Jones(Yes The Same Kid From The Avengers) are locked in the medical bay the sun goes down and Banner Transforms into the Hulk for the 1st time. Now some of you might not be aware of this but in his earliest appearances the banner did not become the hulk due to anger but due to the setting of the sun why this happen was anyone's guess. Back to the story Rick follows the Hulk as he goes on the rampage and returns to Banner's home and finds Igor (Big Surprise) ransacking the place looking for the secrets of the gamma rays and kicks the crap out of him just in time as the sun rises and Bruce returns to normal. So General Ross comes in and arrests Igor and questions home banner escaped the base. While in his cell Igor contacts his soviet boss the Gargoyle who for some reason reminds me of a young Gary Busey and tells him about the hul. The Gargoyle decides to handle the Hulk personally and comes to America to capture him and bring him back to the Soviet Union and by sheer amazement manages to succeed but by the time they get back to the Soviet Union Banner has changed back and the Gargoyle looks like a fool. Now the way he beats him is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life The Gargoyle just gives up in exchange for become a normal human being again which he does and allows banner to escape as he blows up the base. 
         Okay this time I will tip my cap to both Stan Lee and Jack Kirby because the art was classic silver age work and instead of making the Hulk the focus of the story it was actually more focused on Bruce Banner and made the Hulk act more as a backdrop to the story which gave it more of a human element instead of feeling just purely Sci-Fi. I'm The Angry Comic Book and this bad boy gets the stamp of approval.
The Incredible Hulk #1


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Posted by caesarsghost

wow- it was not until after reading this review that I have realized just how much Jekyll and Hyde Lee borrowed for The Hulk. I always knew it was heavily connected, but not this heavily. Cool.  
Admittedly, the Hulk has never been one of my favorites, but perhaps that is because I am just aware of modern age Hulk. This Hulk I might actually enjoy a little more.

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