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The Hulk, still without his Bruce counterpart since Onslaught’s demise is confronted by what appears to be Stan Lee in a graveyard. Stan has an acting troupe with him and begins to narrate a play about the Bruce Banner’s life before the Hulk:

Bruce’s mother was killed by his father, Brian Banner, and Bruce was a witness. His father is found guilty in a court and hauled off to prison. The play jumps forward to a young Bruce explaining the Gamma Bomb, still in its theoretical stage, to Gen. Ross. Ross doesn’t think Bruce is so bad at this point, but knows who his father is and what he did.

Brian is up for parole and is released from prison, Bruce reluctantly allows his father to live with him. Tension builds in the house until Bruce storms out.

Bruce is his mother’s grave. Brian appears behind him, and is sad that he killed his wife, wishing he had instead killed his son, because his son is “obviously” a mutant. Brian attacks Bruce, and Bruce kicks Brian who hits his head/neck on a gravestone and dies.

The issue ends with the Hulk in the graveyard crying, and Stan Lee saying “now more than ever he just needs to be left alone” while him and his acting troupe disappear like ghosts.







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