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The Imperfects are a group of individuals chosen throughout time. They would eventually become experiments of mad alien scientist Niles Van Roekel. Roekel's goal was to create the ultimate weapon. The Imperfects (named due to their inability to be the perfect weapon) includes Solara, Johnny Ohm, Hazmat, Brigade, Fault Zone, and The Wink. Roekel finally found success in his final experiment, Paragon. Paragon was a fusion of an Amazon warrior named Maya with Roekel's alien science. He then launched an attack on earth using both his alien weapons and the Imperfects. Many heroes such as Captain America, The Punisher, and The Hulk were taken out. Those left fighting included the following super beings (heroes and villains): The Daredevil, Human Torch, Elektra, Wolverine, Storm, The Thing, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Venom (who only fought the Imperfects only to steal their technology in order to increase his powers and defeat Spider-Man) and Magneto who would later try and gain control of Paragon himself. Eventually the Marvel Heroes, along with Paragon, were able to take out the Imperfects and Roekel.  However after the defeat of Roekel, Paragon would end up leading the rest of the Imperfects to who knows where.

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