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The Immortals first came to be when an extraterrestrial race of humanoid, reptilian creatures, came to Earth thousands of years ago with the intention to strip-mine the Earth for raw materials, using the human race as slave labor. The queen, and undisputed ruler of this race was called Ravlen, her empire spanned across the cosmos. Ravlen's power and control did not just span mere planets, but entire galaxies. Ravlen had little interest in sparing the humans, until she met a man named Ambrosius Aureliannus, a young Roman boy, whose family had been slaughtered by barbarians. Ravlen became fond of the young boy and eventually came to love him. While she could not stay with him, as it is in the females of their species nature to kill their mates once they are finished with them, she did come back and visit him several times over the course of his life. Ravlen did not at first realize her mating with Ambrosius would produce offspring, as their first attempts to mate with the human species had proven catastrophic. Also, Ravlen's gestation period was so long that Ambrosius had long since died of natural causes by the time their son was born. In Ravlen's species the female is rare, but far stronger than the males. And extremely dominant. Due to being male, her son would have been little more than a slave amongst her people. So she left him on Earth where he could be a king. But Ravlen did not leave the boy on Earth alone, they experimented on the human race to find the few that could survive the mutation into hybrids of human and Ravlen's kind. They destroyed nearly one hundred million people to find the few that could survive this mutation. But they eventually found several who they were able to turn, they became the first generation of immortals. Ravlen returned and left her infant son on Earth, he would later take the name Victor Alexander, and would go on to father Ryan Alexander, who would become the most powerful of their kind due to her status as a direct female descendant of Ravlen.

The Immortals are based off an advanced alien race that is descended from reptilian making them cold blooded. When a human is turned through the sharing of blood they go into a deep hibernation lasting several years approximately the same amount of time as their mortal life should have lasted emerging with an altered biology far more complex then our own bodies. And while they do feed on blood they only feed off of each other as only their own blood can sustain them. However it is extremely dangerous to feed off the the blood of an older one as it becomes poisonous to their bodies and the blood of a younger one lacks the nutrition to power them. They are predatory by nature as such it is not uncommon for them to kill one another even commit acts of cannibalism

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