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Wow 0

 As I read #6, the last comic of this TPB, I have to say, there is no question that I will buy the next one. Yes, the cliffhanger was that good, the build was that awesome and Iron Fist has never looked sleeker. The History of Iron Fist is what really gets you, it's told in such a story driven way that you never feel like your forced to like these characters - it all comes naturally. And speaking of the characters - wow - they managed to have a Kill Bill Volume 1 feel and yet still be amazingly ...

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The History Of The Iron Fist 0

The Story:  Danny Rand comes in contact with Orson Randall who was the Iron Fist long before Danny Rand became Iron Fist. His sudden appearance is no coincidence as Danny Rand learns the history of the Iron Fist and is informed the Tournament Of The Heavenly Cities is approaching which he will be a part of.  My Thoughts:  Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction team up to deliver an epic story about Marvel Comics most prestigious Kung Fu super hero, Iron Fist. There's no question that Iron Fist definitely...

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The Iron Fist... There were many like it but this one is mine! 0

Danny Rand aka the Iron Fist is on a personal mission that finds him in battle against the terrorist network Hydra. Later he begins to experience near crippling pains to his fist that can only mean someone is using his martial art The Iron Fist, when he's suppose to be the only wielder. Soon his questions will be answered; but will he be prepared for those answers? -summary Iron Fist has always been one of Marvel's least used and maybe even least appreciated characters. He made his first appeara...

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More Past Then Present 0

Iron Fist has been a character that is often shrouded in obscurity; he's not a terribly popular figure to begin with, but there also isn't much that we know about him, beyond some of his past and his partnership with Luke Cage. Even his powers are a little uncertain, as there hasn't been a chance to clarify them in their entirety. This series strives to fix that, but does so at the expense of development in the present day in favor of the past.This book is very much focused on explaining not onl...

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