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Escape from the Eighth City...escape from Hell! K'un-Lun is the majestic city of otherworldly kung-fu champions, the spiritual home of the Iron Fist and a repository of centuries-old wisdom. But for many of those centuries, K'un-Lun's leaders have used the Eighth City - a secret plane with only one way in and no way out - as a dumping offload their murderers, monsters and demons. But as Danny Rand has just learned, it has also been the prison of K'un-Lun's political prisoners. And this is a historical shame that cannot stand. The current regime of K'un-Lun has sent Rand and his band of immortal fighters from the Seven Cities to recover the political prisoners - including perhaps the very first Iron Fist - but it is a death mission for which there may be no return...or salvation!

Collects The Immortal Iron Fist #21-27.

  • Hardcover release date: August 26, 2009
  • Trade paperback release date: November 25, 2009

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