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The Idiot was sent along with White Light to retrieve Oblivion's daughter for him. After arriving on Earth, it was Idiot's tracking abilities that led them to a girl named Marge. Aware of why they were after her, Marge fled until Idiot's tracking sense became confused by Iceman's presence.

Believing that Iceman was their target, White Light and Idiot attacked him, and thinking that they were mutant-hunters, Iceman retaliated in kind. After Iceman seemed victorious when a house toppled on top of White Light and Idiot, the two beings were called back by Oblivion and blinked out of existance for their failure.

Powers & Abilities

The Idiot possesses a considerable degree of superhuman strength and durability, as well as powerful tracking abilities. True to his name, Idiot has displayed very limited intelligence.

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