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After receiving confession from a criminal who did almost every bad thing, Father Redondo was pushed over the edge when the man asked to have sins forgiven in order commit more. Furious Redondo grabbed an axe, opened the confessional door, and tore him to pieces. He then collapsed to the floor, begging God for forgiveness, as he'd done it again. He repeated this with others, as his cleaner, Mrs. Pearse was blind, deaf, and anosmic she only wiped up whatever was left after he'd put the bodies in garbage bags.

He started calling himself the Holy but still despaired over the sins commited, until seeing a newspaper article describing the Punisher and started idolizing him and realized he was no longer alone. Officers Soap and von Richthofen investigated the deaths, but Redondo simply feigned innocence and then showed him out, while his as yet undiscovered fifth victim was sitting in his confession booth with an axe in his chest.

He later formed a group called the Vigilante Squad with Mister Payback and Elite. They tried to convince Punisher to lead them, but instead killed all three.

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