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 Strucker, the Gorgon, the Hive & Kraken of HYDRA.
Not too much is known about the Hive except that he is a current member of HYDRA. Baron Strucker along with Madame Hydra, Viper, the Hive and Kraken have resurfaced and have been raiding and destroying several significant SHIELD shadow facilities. The Hive staged a raid on SHIELD's largest hidden weapons factory called Barracuda. The Hive and HYDRA would ambush Nick Fury and his forces when they learned he was planning to assault the HAMMER shipyard called the Dock to retrieve some helicarriers. The tide of battle turn in Fury's favor when the Secret Warriors teleport in and Dum Dum Dugan takes control of the carriers. Hellfire wraps his burning chain around the Hive's arm but the parasitic being pulls the Secret Warrior towards him and smashes him with an uppercut. HYDRA was on the losing end of this battle and Kraken shifted the Hive, Strucker and the Gorgon away.
 Birth of the Hive.
It was later revealed that the Hive was a former HYDRA agent that was selected for a special program at the HYDRA Recruitment Center in Vancouver called Ravenous. Kraken would take this agent to a secret underwater base called the Hive and place him in a room filled with parasitic pods. The Kraken tells Baron Von Strucker that this agent was flagged during his physical because he had a deficient white blood cell count and his body would less likely reject the process. The pods began to open and the parasites attached themselves to the agent's nude body. The process was extremely painful but the HYDRA agent became the perfect host body and was transformed into a mutated human/parasite hybrid. The Hive was born and it was able to gain complete control of the parasites as it evolved and effectively form a group consciousness.   
The Hive and other high ranking officials of HYDRA discuss issues in Gehenna regarding LEVIATHAN and the kidnapping of Viper. A meeting would take place at the HYDRA Financial Hub called the Crown in Kyoto with the major heads from HYDRA and LEVIATHAN after Orion resurfaced. The leader of LEVIATHAN, Orion wanted HYDRA to be subservient to them but Baron Von Strucker refused and ordered Gorgon to attack. The Hive and other members of HYDRA engaged LEVIATHAN at the meeting so these two organizations went to war resulting with massive casualties from both parties. The Crown was completely destroyed but the leadership of both organizations escaped.

Powers & Abilities

 Parasitic attack.
The Hive has the ability to take mental control of individuals by placing his squid/pod parasites on the body of any victim. The Hive is the perfect host for this parasitic species and has the ability to breed and centrally control these parasites. The Hive can shoot these parasites from various parts of his body including his hands and chest. The Hive speaks in some unknown language but certain members of HYDRA including Strucker and the Gorgon can understand him. The Hive also has enhanced strength and is formidable in hand-to-hand combat.

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