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When Carmine was younger he was a super villain that took on the best capes and always got beaten and bruised. Later in life Carmine would mentor Johnny Bolt and Kasey and become their friend. Carmine learned that if he took young villains under his wing and train them he could build a small empire under the noses of the big super villains. But Carmine grew old and needed to work for himself, but he always knew the importance of have a team he could trust.


Carmine was created by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu for their series Supercrooks.

Major Story Arcs


While in Las Vegas at the Oasis casino, a casino owned and opperated by The Salamader, a former super-villain also, Carmine gets caught cheating at roulette. The Salamander gives Carmine 0ne month to pay him 100 millon bucks or else Carmine will end up with a bullet in his head. Carmine turns to the one person he knows can help him, Johnny Bolt. Johnny then comes up with a plan to get the money and Carmine goes along while Johnny assemble his team for a heist in Spain.

Once in Spain, Johnny reveals that the plan is to rob The Bastard, which Carmine objects to at first but goes along with later. During the heist, Carmine uses his heat gun to melt the hinges on the safe. Carmine then escapes with the others with The Bastard's money.

One year later, Carmine is in Manila telling a casino worker, about how everyone spent the others of the team spent there loot. He then explains that he has already gone though his share and that he's broke again but that he never paid the Salamander. He goes on to explain that thats okay because the Bastard thought it was his crew that robbed him and he killed them all.

Powers and Abilities

Carmine possesses no real super powers, but he displays higher level of intelagence and leadership skills. He possesses a heat gun that can melt almost anything.

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