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Don Hall and Hank Hall are rushing to catch a ride with their dad, Judge Hall. They find their father unconscious on the ground, with a man hastily running away. Don rushes to his dad’s side, while Hank transforms into Hawk and chases after the runner. Hawk gets a good couple of tackles in, but the man succeeds in fleeing the scene. Hawk returns as Hank, and the two sons manage to bring their father around. They pick him up and help him home.

The next day, as Hank and Don return home from school, they discover their house broken into, and their mother knocked out on the floor. We find out that Mrs. Hall feinted when her husband was beaten and kidnapped. Irate, Hank leaves and transforms into Hawk, out to track the kidnappers. After beating up some low-lifes, Hawk finds out that rumor has it that Max Leland is behind the kidnapping. Hawk confronts Leland, but Leland says he wasn’t the one that kidnapped Judge Hall.

Meanwhile, Don looks though his father’s case files, and comes across the file for Karl MacArthur. MacArthur’s face resembles the man that Don and Hank saw, but the file says that he died in prison. Don realizes that MacArthur’s face also resembles the Hall’s old gardener “Arthur.” He heads to Arthur’s house. Hawk, meanwhile, also gets a description from Leland, which makes Hawk think about Arthur the gardener. He, too, heads to Arthur’s house.

Sure enough, Arthur, the son of Karl MacArthur, is holding Judge Hall hostage. Dove tries to use his abilities to cut the power to Arthur’s house, but Hawk busts in recklessly. Hawk dodges shots from Arthur’s gun, and knocks Arthur out. Hawk and Dove save Judge Hall. However, Judge Hall still considers Hawk and Dove reckless vigilantes.







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