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A masked bank robber kills two people during his escape. The police track the car, and it is registered to a man named Sam Hodgins. He is arrested, and brought in front of Judge Irwin Hall. Judge Hall is longtime friends with Hodgins, and recuses himself from the case. He believes Hodgins to be innocent, and tells his sons so the next day. Hank and Don Hall transform into Hawk and Dove, and investigate.

The duo decides to start with the two eye-witnesses to the crime. They stake out the two witnesses, shady men named Johnny Randall and Stan McGuire. Eavesdropping, the two find out that both Randall and McGuire are working for recently paroled criminal Jack Malden. The three of them plus two others are having a secret meeting. Hawk jumps from his hiding spot and attacks the group, forcing Dove to get involved. Even under physical stress, Randall says that Hodgins is the one that robbed the bank. Mcguire flees, though.

Hawk and Dove chase McGuire via rooftop. They soon hear shots fired, and witness a dead man and Hodgins’ car driving away. They two follow Hodgins’ car, thinking McGuire is in it. However, the driver is, in fact, Hodgins. The chase leads to a warehouse, and over the course of the chase, Hodgins topples a large crate onto Hawk. Thinking Hawk dead, Dove goes into a rage and beats Hodgins senseless. When his rage expires, he immediately regrets his decision. Dove brings Hawk to the hospital as Don and Hank, claiming that Hank fell down some stairs. The doctors are able to patch Hank up, and he and Don become a bit closer.

Two weeks later, Hawk and Dove are chasing a criminal, when they run into the Teen Titans. But that story is told in Teen Titans #21.







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