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A friend of Don Hall’s, painter Warren Savin, is shot in cold blood minutes after getting a dime from Don. Police are on the scene, and Don is asked in for questioning. After Hank Hall’s basketball game, Hank transforms into Hawk and goes out on patrol. Hawk comes across masked museum robbers, and gets the drop on him. However, the robbers outnumber Hawk, and one of them knocks Hawk out.

Don is brought in for questioning, and comes across his father. Judge Hall does not try to get Don out of the questioning, but rather supports the letter of the law. Hawk awakens on the ground, and goes home, only to find there was no robbery reported. Hank brings Don into the loop, and Don realizes a missing piece of the puzzle.

Don heads out to speak to Warren’s girl Marie. When he gets there, he finds Marie being accosted by some thugs. Don comes in and, with Marie’s help, tricks the two thugs into shooting each other. He then brings Marie to check out Warren’s paintings, hoping there’s something in there that will reveal the reason behind his death. More thugs come, and chase them. Along the way, Hank spots the chase, and transforms into Hawk. He pounces on the thugs chasing Don and Marie. Hawk realizes that these are the same guys behind the museum non-robbery. The three flee and hide out.

After making sure that Marie is safely hidden, Hawk and Dove trail the thugs. They come across the house of Frank Heinsite, a colleague of Hawk and Dove’s father, Judge Hall. They realize that Heinsite is working a forgery ring, using Warren as a forger. Hawk springs into action, and disarms Heinsite. The duo take out Heinsite’s guards, who are actually the “museum robbers,” and solve the mystery behind Warren’s death.







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