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After The Cat

A cat burglar aptly named the Cat makes a name for himself in the papers. Hank Hall decides to hunt him down, but Don Hall tries to convince his hothead brother to let the police handle it. Hank finds the Cat, and confronts him as Hawk. The Hawk and the Cat battle, but the Cat scampers away, leaving Hawk to blame for the break-in.

Dejected, Hank meets up with Don at a local eatery, and gets into a fist fight with locals who are moving in on two of the Hall’s female friends. Don chastises Hank for being such a bully, but the girls call Don a coward for not standing up for them. Don leaves, and comes across a police squad holding the Cat at gunpoint. Don transforms into Dove to stop one of the police from shooting the Cat. However, the gun was a tear gas launcher, and Dove’s moves cause the tear gas to explode in the police cordon, allowing Cat to escape. The Cat doesn’t escape far, though, as another policeman shoots the Cat in the leg. Don walks home, dejected and alone.

Twice Burned

As Judge Hall denounces the actions of Hawk and Dove from the previous story, the Hall kids notice that Dr. John Kieves was beat up the night before. Dr. Kieves is the father to their friend Linda. Hank and Don both try to find out the story of what happened. Don tries to track down Linda, but only meets Linda’s brother Mark, who is also hunting for the criminals that did this to his father. Hawk, meanwhile, finds some people that match the description of the culprits and, as Hawk, beats the truth out of them.

Don, meanwhile, finds Linda, and finds out that her dad owed a lot of money to a guy named Karl Casimer. Don rushes to find Linda’s brother Mark, to stop him before he does something crazy. On the other hand, Hawk finds out from the thugs he beat up that they were hired to beat up Dr. Kieves on behalf of Karl Casimer. Hawk is off to also apprehend Casimer.

Dove and Mark arrive at Casimer’s house at the same time, and Dove disarms Mark’s gun before he could do something foolish. The police arrive, and take Casimer away. Hank arrives on the scene, angry that he arrived too late to bring in Casimer himself.







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