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A criminal named Harker is denied parole, and intends to break out of prison. He rallies the other prisoners through threats of death, and gathers even the most reluctant prisoners.

Meanwhile, in the Hall house, Hank Hall is fuming that he did not get any credit for his recent capture of the Drop-Outs (last issue). Don Hall enjoys his brother Hank’s frustration, and the two head down to breakfast, where their mother reminds them their upcoming trip to Uncle Jim’s farm. Judge Hall just has to pass a quick ruling beforehand. The judge’s quick ruling puts another man behind bars, and then the family is off to the farm.

At the prison, Harker, Davis, and the criminals spring their escape plan into action. They hijack a truck and make it out of the prison. However, the fugitives’ truck runs out of gas, and the nearest location is Uncle Jim’s farm. One group of fugitives create a rockslide to hijack a pickup containing Uncle Jim, Judge Hall, and Hank. They try stealing the pickup, but are interrupted by the police. Hank, realizing that his mother and Don may be in trouble, heads back to the farm, transforming into Hawk along the way.

Back at the farmhouse, Don and mother Hall are being held by Harker and Davis. Hawk, peeking in through a window, tries to get Don’s attention. But Don refuses to acknowledge him, afraid that it would prompt Hawk to crash in and put their mother in danger. Trying a different approach, Hawk takes their car, and uses it as bait. Davis follows the car, while Harker flees the house. With his mother no longer in danger, Don transforms into Dove and follows Harker. Hawk takes down Davis and a couple other fugitives, while Dove tries to talk Harker into surrendering. Harker surrenders… just enough to lure Dove in for a sucker punch. Hawk jumps out of the trees intent to beat Harker, but Dove intervenes, and uses his own passive fighting technique to take down Harker. Dove does it, but is pretty beat up by the end.

After the police find and take Harker, Hank leads Don back to the farm. Once there, the family wonder how wild Hank can have no scratches on him, while timid Don looks pretty beat up.







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