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 As a huge fan of web show, this comic was a must grab.  
 For those of you who havent been introduced to it, the Guild focuses on the players of a MMORPG very similar to World of Warcraft. The show is freely available on netflix, their website "", and Xbox360, so theres no excuse for not knowing whats going on when you read this comic... unless you dont have internet. i guess thats an excuse.
  as a casual WoW gamer, and a fan of Felicia Day, the Guild hits allot of funny bones. Abd even if your not a fan of such things, the show also pokes fun at the stereotypical aspect of online game players.
 I will say that the comic, which steps back to the main characters life before the show, probably isnt much without the show. I mean, it does hold that "girl comics" appeal, but honestly most female comics readers like the same thing as everybody else.
 my suggestion to anyone who isnt planning on buying the second issue is to go watch the first season of the show (all of the episodes are about 10-15 minutes so dont worry), and then read it again. It may just change your point of view.

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Posted by .Mistress Redhead.


Posted by Grim
@.Mistress Redhead. said:
for reals! their machine gunning these suckers out too. The second one came out this week. I hope these are weekly or bi-weekly (not sure when i bought the first one), because thats exactly what was so great about the show.
 hyped that someone else cares as much as i do! :0)

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