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Brief History

 The Green Thing comes to life.
A botanist had a theory that plants had intelligence but to a lesser degree than animals and humans. The botanist wanted to create a serum to increase the intelligence of plants and he flew to small isle off the coast of Australia to test his theory on a species of plant called Ignatus Rex. The isle was uninhabited so he could conduct his tests without any disturbances or interruptions. The botanist searched for hours and could not find the Ignatus Rex plant so he injected his serum into an ordinary weed. In a matter of seconds, the weed grew six times its original size and it started to speak. The Green Thing sprouted plant limbs and displayed its awesome strength by lifting a large boulder over its head. The Green Thing wanted the botanist to take it to the mainland and have him inject his serum into other vegetable life. The Green Thing wanted an army of obedient plants to take over the world because plants outnumbered humans by trillions. The botanist tried to flee and jumped onto his motor boat but the Green Thing followed. The botanist removed the motor and dove into the water but the plant creature kept following him. The Green Thing was attacked by a shark while the botanist smashed the motor. The Green Thing eventually surfaced and kept chasing the botanist until he entered a cave that had the Ignatus Rex plant. The botanist injected his serum into the Ignatus Rex plant and it came to life. The Green Thing offered the living Ignatus Rex plant a chance to join forces against mankind but the Rex plant refused. The two living plant creatures started to fight until the Green Thing was destroyed. The Rex plant told the Botanist to leave plants alone and to end his experiment with his serum. The botanist agreed to never tamper with the natural scheme of things and left the isle.


The Green Thing was created by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko in 1961 and first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 19.

Powers & Abilities

The Green Thing was a living plant creature that possessed superhuman strength and the ability to control some plants and trees with its mind. The Green Thing could also transform its fibrous limbs to create a lasso. 

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